Shapa Health Virtual Care programs help your members and employees make smart changes that drive improved health outcomes for the long-term.

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For most people, lasting weight loss requires making small changes over time with support every step of the way.

Many programs fail to deliver long-term results because their diet or routine simply isn't sustainable. That's why we came in.

"I lost over 50 pounds using Shapa. The weight did come off in a nice gradual way, and I wasn't panicked about my data points, charts, or graphics." - Laurel, 50 lbs lost

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The Reality

Obesity and weight-related diseases can be an enormous cost to any size business, and it's only been getting worse.

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Shapa: Our Results

Studies show that individuals with diabetes & obesity who achieved weight maintenance/loss within 5% of their initial weight had

5% decrease in medical costs7

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Shapa is an app-based program tailored to each member’s personality and environment.

Our members are guided to a healthy weight through support, encouragement, and introducing habits at just the right time to make them stick.

And we know that to make habits stick, they need to be fun.

That’s why we designed a program that celebrates achieving milestones, delivers fun daily activities that reinforce positive habits, and gives our members all of the support they need.

Here's how it works:

Members sign up on the Shapa app and fill out an assessment so the program is personalized just for them.

Each day, Shapa members can step on their numberless scale and review their progress towards goals that will help them get to a healthy weight.

Members will earn points based on their Shapa Color, which simplifies the body’s natural weight fluctuations and gives them a more accurate view of their progress.

Plus, Shapa integrates with the most popular wearable devices, so it can be paired seamlessly with devices like the Apple Watch.

Shapa isn’t just another diet or exercise program, it’s the solution to help your employees get healthier and happier, and help you save big.

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