Realize lasting change for your employee's health.

Customized to fit each employee and their families’ goals, Shapa will help your team lose weight, prevent diabetes through an innovative CDC-approved program, and reduce risk of chronic disease.

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The Truth

Due to weight gain, heart attack deaths have increased by 200% and cardiovascular events by 20%.

Average medical expenditures for people with diagnosed diabetes amount to $13,700/year.*

*American Diabetes Association, 2013

Quick fixes fail to address long-term behavior modification.

Shapa Results and Engagement


On average, people using a standard scale lost up to 0.78% and gained up to 1.22% of their body weight in 12 weeks. People using Shapa lost between 0.88% and 0.40% (95% confidence intervals).


86% of participants stepped on their Shapa scale five times or more per week.

90% of people who lost weight also opened the app at least every other day during the study.

Shapa for Enterprise

Progress, reports, and management in one place.

Benefits administrators and health coaches can seamlessly integrate and use the Shapa platform to track progress and easily identify those who may need an extra helping hand.

Sync automatically

Track progress

Offer assistance

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Shapa Solutions

The Shapa Team is tackling disease prevention for a variety of populations, and offer the following.

Shapa for Diabetes
Prevention Program

An interactive and personalized diabetes prevention program (DPP) with a CDC-approved curriculum. Stay engaged with Shapa's DPP and make healthy diet and lifestyle changes that foster weight loss and prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

Shapa for Blood Pressure
& Cholesterol Monitoring

A personalized program focused on prevention and management of heart disease through behavior change and supportive feedback.

Shapa for

Daily feedback and activities to support healthy weight gain, diet, and lifestyle throughout pregnancy and afterwards.

Shapa for Congestive
Heart Failure

A personalized program to support diet and lifestyle changes for management of heart failure, daily weigh-ins, and timely communication with an individual's healthcare team.

for Sleep

The customized program that fosters healthy habits and behaviors for improving sleep hygiene.

Shapa for Medication Adherence

Simplified process to stick more easily with daily medication regimens.

Shapa for Healthy
Weight Gain

A personalized program for those looking to change their body composition and achieve a healthy weight.

Shapa for Weight

A program designed specifically for people who are not looking to gain or lose weight, but maintain their current weight through healthy interventions.