Small steps to
a healthier you.

  • Weight loss

  • Weight management

  • Diabetes

  • Prediabetes

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"This scale doesn't tell you how much
you weigh, and it's genius."

Meet Shapa.

A scale with no display.

Ever eat healthy all day only to see the number go up on your scale? Don't blame yourself – it's your body's natural weight fluctuations.

Shapa takes care of the confusing and painful smallest changes in your weight to give you the feedback that matters to your health.

End the love-hate-relationship with your scale and make sustainable changes to your lifestyle, effortlessly.

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Why Shapa

Quit the
numbers game

Instead of seeing your weight,
you'll see your Shapa Color and
Shapa Age, a truer metric of
your health and weight loss.

to you

Forget one-size-fits-all. Shapa
creates a personalized program
that fits your personality, your
environment, and your habits.

Simple changes
you can stick with

Shapa guides you step-
by-step to a healthier
lifestyle through small,
easy-to-make changes.

The Shapa Difference

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Shapa Solutions

Shapa is here to help you achieve your health goals.
Find the program that's right for you.

Shapa for
Diabetes Prevention

A diabetes prevention program (DPP) tailored to you – daily activities, tips, and support to help you make diet and lifestyle changes and achieve weight loss and prevent the onset of diabetes.

Shapa for

Daily feedback to support healthy weight gain, personalized activities, and education to support you throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond.

Shapa for Weight

A personalized diet and lifestyle program to help you keep the pounds off, whether you’re looking to maintain the weight you worked hard to achieve or want to prevent unwanted weight gain.

Shapa for Congestive
Heart Failure

A personalized program that supports diet and lifestyle changes to help you manage your heart failure.

for Sleep

A customized program that fosters behaviors to help you achieve healthy sleep habits.

Shapa for Healthy
Weight Gain

A personalized program with diet and lifestyle changes to help you achieve your desired weight.

Shapa in the Press

Why People Love Shapa

I like the little challenges and the feedback on how I'm doing. I like this sooooo much better than a traditional scale! As someone who has struggled with weight and food for a long time, this is matching up perfectly with everything else I'm trying to do.Shiloh

It really holds me accountable. I even got out of bed because I remembered I didn't complete my mission for the day. It's really a great program, and I love the variety of activities.Amanda

I am loving my Shapa, so far. The missions are the best! I feel very positive about the experience and am looking forward to positive outcomes.Sharon

Shapa has helped change my lifestyle for the better in so many ways in such a short period of time.LaTosha

Thank you so much! This program is really helping me to change my eating habits. I love it!Karen

It has been such a positive experience for me. The very process has inspired me to be more active and to find ways to cope with my knee injury and still remain active. This opportunity has been fun as well as inspiring!Sharon