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Discover your path to health and happiness!

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95% of Shapa users sustain progress after a year. Ditch the

crash diet and gain freedom forever with Shapa!

The only tool that gives you the freedom to achieve success on your terms

Discover your path to health and happiness!

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95% of Shapa users sustain progress after a year. Ditch the crash diet and gain freedom forever with Shapa!

An unconventional system to achieve your unique goals on your terms

Shapa knows most programs require structure and restrictions that don’t fit your lifestyle and therefore aren’t sustainable. By providing individualized lifestyle missions and distinct feedback on your weight trend and eating habits, Shapa is the sustainable solution that gives you the freedom to be happy and healthy in 3 simple steps.

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Shapa is more than just a personalized wellness program

Shapa is the revolutionary toolkit that allows you to monitor progress, build sustainable habits, and reclaim your life on your terms.

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No numbers, no judgment

Numbers on the scale can be confusing and demotivating!

However, stepping on your scale daily can help set a healthy intention for your day.

So instead of just flashing a useless number, the patented Shapa numberless scale provides revolutionary Shapa Color feedback and daily missions that coach you to fuel yourself with nutritious foods, move your body, and engage in better self-care habits.

When you're not obsessing over a number, you can focus on truly changing your behavior for long-term results.

Shapa Color is better feedback for weigh-ins

Shapa keeps the positive elements of the scale while removing the negative ones. This unique system gives you feedback about your weight, but not in pounds.

Instead of sharing a number that provides little to no insight, Shapa gives you useful feedback through a more meaningful 5-point color system.

Blue = losing weight
Teal = starting to lose weight
Green = maintaining your weight
Light Gray = starting to gain weight
Dark Gray = gaining weight

Shapa looks at your trend over the past few days compared to the past few weeks to determine your color and lets you know if the changes you've been making recently are getting you closer to, or farther from, your goal.

Shapa simply takes the guesswork out of the scale so you can focus on what matters!

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“The very process has inspired me to be more active and to find ways to cope with my knee injury and still remain active. This opportunity has been fun as well as inspiring!”


“Shapa has helped change my lifestyle for the better in so many ways in such a short period of time. I sure needed it!”

La Tosha

“It really holds me accountable. I even got out of bed because I remembered I didn’t complete my mission for the day. It’s really a great program, and I love the variety of activities.”


"I love the Shapa scale and program. It has helped me greatly to keep my weight in check. "

Patricia Brizek

"Best app in the market to keep you focused on your eating, physical and mental health without worrying about weight."


"This is one of the best purchases I have made this year! I love getting on my Shapa daily and receiving my mission and color. I have lost 15 pounds since purchasing my Shapa!"


"Shapa has been a lifesaver for me. Not seeing the number keeps me from the negative selftalk along the journey. The colors let me know I'm on my way to weight loss. I'm already down 12 pounds!!"


"I have found Shapa to be a very helpful Instrument in learning about my weight, and what to do to help with weight lose and reaching my goal! Thank you!!"


"Not knowing the number on the scale was a bit disconcerting at first, but after getting used to the color rewards, I like it! "


"Great device to help focus on your goals."


"I've lost 10 KG and kept it off. The colors are better than a number; I don't get depressed and give up. It is a good system. Thank you behavioral economics"



"A single number at a single time on a single day doesn't tell you the whole story.
Shapa focuses on lifestyle instead of just a single number.”

Dr. Kevin Most - (Chief Medical Officer) Northwestern Central DuPage Hospital

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  • 5% decrease in body weight over 6 months

  • 95% make progress towards health goals after 1 year

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

With an active subscription, your Shapa device is covered by a lifetime warranty.


Mindful Eating Log

Shapa knows that no formula or coach is better equipped to identify your daily energy demands than your own body.

By tracking your hunger cues before each meal and fullness cues afterward, Shapa can provide you real-time color feedback to identify the direction your eating habits are trending, rather than focusing on the merits of any individual meal.

Shapa is scientifically proven to get you results

Shapa was designed by Dan Ariely, a famous behavioral scientist, Ted Talk speaker, and professor at Duke University.

The revolutionary system combines the 3 building blocks of behavior change that are crucial for changing behavior:

1- Knowledge

Shapa gives you the information you need about what behaviors improve your health, backed by science.

2- Nudges

Shapa motivates you to make simple daily changes that will ease you into a healthier lifestyle.

3- Routine

Shapa makes getting healthy effortless by building a daily routine so you can focus on living your best life.

Together, the revolutionary Shapa scale (U.S. Patent # 10,347,152) and personalized program utilize algorithms and artificial intelligence to create daily actions that will transform your health and create truly lasting, sustainable behaviors.

Real people, real results

After 1 year of Shapa, 75% of customers maintained or continued to lose weight. You can’t argue with long term results.

Take a look at some of the amazing results from Shapa customers just like you.

Get started today to be the next Shapa success story.



“5 surgeries to date later, I am finally kicking a** and taking names. … I look forward with my daily Shapa goals to lose my final weight to get to my goal.”



“The colors were my initial focus but now my Shapa partner shapes healthy habits everyday through missions. Weight is only one factor of a healthy lifestyle. I want it all. Shapa gets me!”



“Shapa makes weighing myself encouraging and fun. I used to hate scales, but I prize my Shapa and it’s the first thing I use each and every morning when I’m home. It is an invaluable and unique tool.”



“I’ve spent my whole life fighting with my weight. Shapa has given me the freedom to break up with my scale. Now that I’m not worried about facing that number all the time I can focus on other stuff. Progress seems to happen naturally, almost effortlessly.”



“I consider the Shapa one of my most important tools in my health journey. Shapa solved the exact problems I faced with respect to measuring my weight, and does so in an elegant and enjoyable manner.”



“Instead of feeling like I’m becoming a number, I feel like I’m becoming myself. … It’s what finally gave me confidence, help me move past numbers, and think about total health.”



"It has only been since May 1st to present and through Shapa and with the encouragement and motivation that I get from Shapa and from the Facebook online community, I have lost 68 pounds."

30-day money-back guarantee

“I am Nati Lavi, CEO and co-founder of Shapa. The Shapa team is extremely passionate about creating accessible technology to empower good habits and prevent disease.

I truly believe you will love Shapa and it will change your behavior and improve your long-term health.

So try Shapa with our no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied within 30 days, simply contact customer service to return the Shapa scale and receive a full refund. No questions asked!”

Shapa Co-founder & CEO


“Shapa represents a shift in the health tracking industry by choosing to go beyond just providing data. …

Shapa teaches you what to do with the information so you build healthy habits.”

Fast Company

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  • 5% decrease in body weight over 6 months

  • 95% make progress towards health goals after 1 year

  • 30-day money-back guarantee