About Shapa

We build digital tools to change behavior and health, out of a deep understanding of human nature and technology.

Our story

Shapa was co-founded in 2016 by CEO Nati Lavi and Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely. With his extensive history in data and innovation, Nati recognized the traditional feedback method for the bathroom scale had been relatively the same for a century. On his personal health journey, it became clear the daily fluctuations of weight do not reflect the daily changes in behavior causing confusion, frustration, and demotivation. Collaboratively Nati and Dan created a 5-color system and numberless scale providing daily motivation and feedback that reflects true changes in body composition based on the direction your weight is trending. With the addition of lifestyle tracking and habit forming programs, Shapa was born!

Meet our team

Nati Lavi

CEO & Co-founder

Clayton Key

VP of Product Management

Meet our Advisory Board

Stephen Mitchley

Board Member

Dr. Dena Bravata

Advisory Board Member

Sonny Vu

Advisory Board Member

Jay Weintraub

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Debra Friesen

Advisory Board Member